• Unsettled
    At times I stay late at work, biting granola bar, thereafter continue drafting my emails… At times I eat sandwiches as late dinner by the roadside, waiting for taxi to go home… At times I… More
  • Often We Thought… We Assumed.
    All along I know that communication plays vital part in life, regardless with family, at work or in relationships. But recently, I learn that consequences of good communication are indeed loud and impactful. Communication allows… More
  • Rocky November
    Can I just say November is not a good month, well at least to me. On top of crazy workload, I am now acting as an interim team lead in the meantime before my senior… More
  • Time is Like A River
    Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life! A message that strikes me when le mom… More
  • Finding Comfortable Shoes
    Well, please don’t get confused or misunderstood. Obviously, it is not a blog teaching you tips on how to find a pair of comfortable shoes here. Pretty much just a metaphor. Hmm how do I… More
  • Slowly but Surely…
    Finally, back to office after 2 months. Apparently, it was my very first week working in the office after internal transfer. Having a million-dollar view, I finally made it, I thought. I feel so powerful… More
  • Love Yourself First before Falling in Love
    Not falling in love yet… I am a total different person now, I feel. I am not afraid to voice out, take rejections and have more self awareness. I guess it was my damn ego… More
  • Learning to Stop Being Hard on Myself
    I had a panic attack last last weekends. My heart pounded so fast and I couldn’t sleep. Dramatic yet real. One moment, I was so excited about my purchase from Zara, next second, I started… More
  • The Five Minute Journal #1
    Today I am truly grateful for: My well-being ✨ A roof over my head ✨ End the day with rain. Hmm cosy ✨ Here’s what would make today great: Wear more comfortable shoes. My back… More
  • Dramatic Work Weeks
    Hmm. Where do I start? My days with the new team were super dramatic. I was first being issued quarantine order (QO) on second day at work. Oh well, I still work since I am… More
  • Mon Vaccination Experience
    Today marks my day two after jabbing second dose of Pfizer. Not to mention, it is also my second day on medical leave. All I want to say is Thank God I survived. The side-effects… More
  • I Was Issued Quarantine Order!
    You might not know this, but I was issued Quarantine Order (QO) under the Infectious Diseases Act for quarantine for 10 days. It all started on one fine morning, where I woke up to an… More
  • Nothing Was Right
    It was rather a long week indeed. Last week started with news of le uncle’s family got infected with Covid-19, but thank God they are recovering well. Uncle was sent to quarantine center; cousins were… More
  • Raindrops on Window Panes
    A mini staycation of mine has finally come to an end. The weather was cooling and breezy that I have actually been snuggling under a blanket for the past few days. Occasionally, some hot tea… More
  • It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s Au Revoir
    Finally, my position with operations has come to an end. I didn’t cry! It’s not a sad thing, I feel. I received farewell gifts, bunch of well wishes and pending lunch dates. I am glad… More
  • Finally!
    Kick start July with bunch of good news! And yes, I have been smiling a lot since day 1 of July hehe. Finally, gotten both vaccine appointments. Have been spamming registration link for God knows… More
  • Wearing Lesser Makeup But I’m Lovin’ It
    Prolly due to Covid-19 with lesser social activities, I rarely wear make up nowadays, but I am lovin’ it. Though I occasionally miss those events where I can dress up, meet new people, have fun… More
  • Nothing Lasts
    A star has fallen. He left few days ago. She is leaving in 2 weeks’ time. I am leaving in less than a month. “Cause in my mind, nothing lasts…” From a song I have… More
  • Busier Than Ever
    Finally back to work after a short break. And yes, I am done and dusted with 1st module assignment. Self declared semester break, woohoo!! I am secretly planning for another staycation to reward myself already.… More
  • Bullet Journal: Mid Year Review
    What I’m Proud of: Completing my reading goal (one book per month at least) Successful internal transfer attempt Gold award nomination (can’t wait for the results!) Writing weekly journal consistently Blood & monetary donation Pursue… More
  • Everything Happens for a Reason
    Can I just say I aced the interview, hehe! Yup, I got the job. Everything happened in blink of an eye. I was preparing Q&A and rehearsing role play at home last weekends, and here… More
  • A Little Bit of This And That
    Guess what?! I got an interview! I was so excited and kinda nervous at the same time. Well, I would say more joy than being anxious definitely. I feel like I am one step closer… More
  • Mama
    Never stop believing, she said Never settle for less, she said Never chase after guys, she said Strive for financial independence instead Work hard for your passion instead Love yourself more instead She taught me… More
  • Knowing Your Value
    I used to be very responsive, easily upset when I got mistreated, being accused on things I never do. I felt like I need to explain. But as I grow up, I realize that it… More
  • Unexpected Conversations with Gorgeous Souls
    I was in kinda bad shape earlier despite trying hard to be okay, so He decided to send people to me. Few friends of mine were checking in on me at the same time. God… More
  • Long Distance Friendships
    Came across a question on school’s confession page where one posted: “I’d like to ask if my life is normal. I have friends in school and work. During my school days or workdays, I talked… More
  • The Second Child
    Many people might not know this, I am actually the middle child in my family. Growing up with a special needs elder brother (Gor), I don’t really get to enjoy the perks being a younger… More
  • Navigating Emotions during Pandemic
    Stepping into Covid-19 pandemic for more than a year, most of us have found ways to cope and adapt the new norm. However, despite how hard we work on adjusting new routines, our mental health… More
  • Expat Story: A Different Chinese New Year
    Marking one year not returning home aka first time celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) overseas. No reunion dinner, no new clothes, no visitations… initially! To be honest, I had no plans on how am I… More
  • 2020 Reflections x 2021 Intentions
    1.     What challenges did you face?     –  Uncertainties, adjusting to new norm   2.      What lessons did you learn?     –   Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown… More