It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s Au Revoir

Finally, my position with operations has come to an end. I didn’t cry! It’s not a sad thing, I feel. I received farewell gifts, bunch of well wishes and pending lunch dates. I am glad that I have left good impression on people.

On top of farewell gifts, I wrote a letter…. To thank them for being part of my journey in operations. It was reminiscing with lots of memories created with them. Although there might be good and bad days, but we have made it through, especially during this pandemic. I am glad to see everyone is doing well, or even better!

I am bidding a not-goodbye goodbye, wishing everyone good health and stay happy always.

And now, I just want to enjoy my 11 days break before a new chapter begins.

Bonne Nuit~ (in prep for French class tomorrow)

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