Knowing Your Value

I used to be very responsive, easily upset when I got mistreated, being accused on things I never do. I felt like I need to explain. But as I grow up, I realize that it is unnecessary. Part of adulting journey, I guess. We learn, we do, we fail, we experience, and that’s how we shape confidence and build our value.

Little story of mine

A year ago, I encountered someone with higher rank (let’s call her Ve) falsely accused me in a conference call with few executives in it. Ve said a lot, assumptions I would say, as if I never done my job properly. My boss was in the call, and texted me not to keep quiet if I have something to say. Then here come other department leads saying I am definitely not that kind of person as well as jobs done are as per standard operating procedure.

Management was convinced and they believe our functions are on track. Told us to keep up the good work. It’s more powerful when others were speaking on my behalf. For those who work with me often, they know my work. Not to mention, plenty of them are few ranks higher than myself.

Another time was when Ve passed message to my boss that I did not mean it. My boss checked with me separately, and asked if it is true. I showed her our conversations, not sure what Ve has misunderstood, I told her. My boss said there is no need to be upset as she believed me, she knew me.

There is always someone who likes to mistreat, or being unkind to others. Slowly, I learn not to be reactive or rather responsive on every word. I learn to speak out only when necessary, when someone is over stepping boundaries. I know my values.

Never take things personally when something happened, or someone blurted nasty words. If the person likes you, you are right whatever you said; if the person hates you, you are wrong in every way you do.

Often, we spend time trying to convince and explain to those who never believed us in the first place. If you did something wrong, just admit, fix it, and move on. If someone insulted you, just laughed away. They don’t deserve your time.

We try, we fall, we learn. Always believe in yourself despite the whole world might not have faith in you. Ending the post with a quote.

A lion does not flinch at laughter coming from a hyena. A gorilla does not budge from a banana thrown at it by a monkey. A nightingale does not stop singing its beautiful song at the intrusion of an annoying woodpecker.

Suzy Kassem

Cheers to all of us who fight hard everyday, en route in achieving our dreams! Goodnight.

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