Journal Prompts for 2023

  1. What are 10 great things that happened or that you accomplished in 2022?
  • Homebound for Chinese New Year, more family gatherings
  • Completed 3 ICA certificates with merit
  • Watching Fifa final with Argentina being the champion
  • Volunteer with kids, senior citizen & the team!
  • Co-hosted an event with 200++ participants
  • Finally travelling overseas. Looking forward for more this year!
  • Celebrating National Day by having picnic, watching fireworks
  • Being chosen as one of the social committee out of 300++ people
  • Omakase experience, business class experience
  • Shifted house. Met lovely landlady & housemate

2. What do you want to celebrate?

  • I am doing better than my old self. Mental health in check!

3. How do you want to approach 2023?

  • Slow down. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

4. What qualities do you want to cultivate?

  • Let things happen, trust the process, and enjoy the ride!

5. What bad habits do you want to leave in the past?

  • To quit assumptions

6. How will you commit to yourself?

  • To remember that no matter how hard it gets, I will continue to remain true to myself

7. Where will you pour your attention?

  • Career, education & relationships

8. What habits or practices nourish you?

  • Workouts, read books, writing & listening to music

9. What do you want more of in 2023?

  • To become someone who gives more

10. One small thing you do everyday to be yourself?

  • I will give my very best everyday

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