Wearing Lesser Makeup But I’m Lovin’ It

Prolly due to Covid-19 with lesser social activities, I rarely wear make up nowadays, but I am lovin’ it. Though I occasionally miss those events where I can dress up, meet new people, have fun drinking with friends etc., but well, I wouldn’t mind being barefaced at times, in fact most of the time now. I realized the more I grow, the higher the self acceptance I have.

Have been busy catching up with family, friends and even ex/ current colleagues. Some updates like: my brother got a job offer, but he still has few more interviews next week. So, he gonna attend them before deciding which to accept. Hopefully everything got settled down sooner, so that my parents have lesser things to worry for.

Went for dinner with my ex-intern, my very first intern whom I trained at work, still one of my favorite interns till date. She even picked me up from work to have dinner together, and drove me home thereafter. Such a big girl right now! I am glad she is doing well in life while juggling work and study at the same time. She is a very thoughtful girl, hope she has all the good luck in life, embarking on the journey towards her goals.

Video called le best friends in both Australia and Malaysia past few days. Had a few good laugh, and miss those moment we had during our annual trip together… Definitely looking forward for the day we meet each other, not to mention, we gonna have video call altogether later tonight. Can’t wait!

My farewell gifts for colleagues have arrived after my draft on “farewell speeches”. Counting down less than 2 weeks, and hopefully I will not shamefully cry in the office on my last day. Just settled my best friend’s birthday gift, to be delivered in few days. She is a lazy ass in cooking, so yeah, I hope the kitchen appliance that I bought will cut down her microwave meals.

Last week of June, last moment to enjoy before term 2 is approaching. Hence, the multiple game nights with friend. Just completed a game yesterday which we spent almost 12-13 hours playing (so proud of myself)! My plan is to start studying from July onwards before my first video conference lecture, so that I am able to somehow understand when lecturer shares information on presentation slides. I have pretty prepped myself that between July to September gonna be tough as f***, especially juggling studies while adapting new environment at work. Let’s not worry so much but hope for the best!

Alright, rushing off to have my favorite ramen in town and Cha Cha Dance lesson (yes, just resumed this week WOOHOO!) I am totally feeling excited about it even though I have forgotten much routine.

Ps. Despite no longer having parties over weekends, no more being a vain pot, I am really happy to be me. I am not perfect, I made mistakes, but I am being true to people and myself. I don’t try to be what I am not, and I don’t try to impress anyone. I see it from how people congratulate and wish me all the best about my internal transfer. I am definitely one lucky girl! 🙂

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