Mid Year Review: Bullet Journal

What I’m Proud of:

  • Work out constantly, have better skin
  • Completed 3 ICA certificates with merit, en route to complete curriculum
  • Being appointed social committee, representing team of 70++ people
  • Resume volunteer work after Covid restrictions eased
  • Able to juggle work, life, social circle & mental health better

Favorite Memories:

  • CNY Reunion (meeting family)
  • Singing Karaoke after 2 years (Covid sucks)
  • Went theme parks with le BFF
  • Had scrumptious lunch w principal
  • Bbq night at friend’s place

Things I Can Improve:

  • To work on investment planning
  • To complete reading all books I bought
  • Stop splurging for experience
  • Cutting down on social media

Experience to Look Forward:

  • Wedding of le cousin
  • Tea Blending /Timeless Jar workshop
  • Perth trip with BFFs
  • Moving in to new place
  • Visit popular speakeasy

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