First Wedding Vow of the Year

It has been awhile since I attended a wedding. I supposed to attend 3 overseas weddings last year, but they got postponed due to Covid. Singapore has strict regulations to comply, so yeah my friend kept the attendees to very small group, which is less than 50. I was touched when I was being asked to attend, especially she capped to such small size.

I have not seen her for quite some time, mainly due to we have different priorities in life. I am so glad that she is doing well after so many years, and able to find someone to spend rest of her life with. He seems like a sweet man, someone that she can rely on, and she seems happy with him. For that, I am very happy for her!

See them reading wedding vows, made me feel like I want to get married too! Though I have no boyfriend… yet. To stick together regardless being sophisticated or not, healthy or not, happy or not. I have never felt so strong that it is great to have someone in life, to spend rest of my life with. Guess my instinct to love comes very very slow. Whoops. Prolly I was too engrossed in studies, work & social life earlier.

Now that, I am kinda settled in career, everything is in place… Guess it’s time to find someone to settle down. Hmm should I even pen this down. Well, why not since it should be part of a life plan to everyone no? I learnt that it is important to fork out time for your (potential) partner despite being busy at work, in life. So yeah, I really want to prioritize this piece, even though I might be tied down at times. Manage priorities I guess.

I have been meeting many people these days. I am not feeling desperate. Just saying, it is nice catching up with old friends, meeting new people. I told myself to keep an open mind, though I am picky in choosing partner, especially I never settled for less. And also, no “trying” a relationship. I feel it’s not fair to him, and somehow it might stop him from meeting someone that suits him.

Yup, there goes one of my new year resolutions this year! Hehe I am really looking forward to this piece. 🙂 Wish me luck~

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