Love Or Bread

Recently, two women that I knew of, they chose to give in to end their long distance relationship (LDR). They quit their job/ gave up family business, taking a leap of faith to move to their partners’ cities. Unmarried. Was it a right decision? God knows. It took huge courage that’s for sure, letting go, to start from scratch again.

I would never do that, I told myself. You may say I am selfish or whatsoever, I don’t really care. We all have different priorities in life. Despite my parents do not rely much on me for living, I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of them, or at least not to financially burden them. Since young, I am taught to be independent, financially and mentally.

I was asked if I am okay to have LDR. To be honest, at my age now, I wouldn’t want to waste time for some indefinite LDR. It is either we work on common goals within timeline, otherwise I would prefer him to stay away. Even though I might like him a lot, but still, I wouldn’t want us to waste time without any plans.

Back to the topic, I guess in current era, to me, bread is more important than love. We once heard couples comprise of 50% him + 50% her. But in reality, it has always been 100% him + 100% her. I would want myself to be independent, at least I am able to support us. I view us as alliances where we contribute equally for better living.

I am not responsible for himself, neither is he. We are two independent individuals that work on us together on top of mutual love. Giving up source of income to rely on someone is last thing on my mind. Maybe it is mindset my mom cultivated since young. It is a sense of security. Nonetheless, I wish them all the best in chasing what they want in life.

Shall update their status few years later Idk. Meanwhile I thrive to live my life again, as if pushing a restart button like moving to new place, rebuild social circle, picking up new skills etc. Keep you posted, shall I?

So if it’s you, love or bread?

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