February Little Moments

  • Lunar New Year luncheon with new team, received red packet from new boss
  • Lunar New Year dinner with fellow UOManchester alumni, lou-hei together
  • Managed to try a seafood restaurant I have been longing to
  • Received red packet from university friend
  • Le friend bought souvenirs from Taiwan, and asked me out for dinner
  • Recognitions from le boss on my past performance
  • Congratulatory messages from team & connections on promotion
  • Le friend sent me food and asked me out for dinner
  • Visitation to my ex-boss’ house, to see her baby too!
  • Le friend called to check in if I am okay, knowing I am coping with new job scope
  • Le friend sharing her wedding tentatively to be held in Dec, and that I have to go back to attend
  • Semporna travel initiative to ease my tension over work
  • Bought Taiwan flight ticket for April adventures
  • Bought Yiruma concert ticket (postponed 2 years, finally it’s here again)
  • Cousin’s wedding to be held in Oct
  • Cousins in UK coming back in June & October
  • Treat from colleague & boss for being promoted
  • Treating colleagues for being promoted (haha!)
  • A friend of 23 years registered for his marriage
  • Helpful colleagues to conquer challenges with me

February has been hectic, mainly still coping with new job scope. I knew it is a phase where everyone would need to go through. So exhausted in recent that I barely come home without working overtime. Didn’t get to meet up with friends or have fun outdoor, but spending time to rest most of the time instead. Being promoted meaning holding more responsibilities, expectations. Not to mention, I have changed team and supervisor. Initially, I wanted to take up some courses, but now I am unsure if I could give in 100% in learning, so I am still contemplating.

A lot of uncertainties (still ironing out the process etc.) I am coping, but I am doing better. A lot of things happened this month… But obviously they were great ones! Unsure of what’s coming in March, but I am looking forward to April already. My adventures, Yiruma concert, Van Gogh expedition & CAMS APAC Conference etc. Woooo! Guess having fun is the only way that can motivate me. But no problem, I can live with that! 🙂

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