Nothing Was Right

It was rather a long week indeed. Last week started with news of le uncle’s family got infected with Covid-19, but thank God they are recovering well. Uncle was sent to quarantine center; cousins were asked to stay home. Le grandma, aunt & baby niece were driven to assigned hospital as they were categorized as more vulnerable group. Everyone freaked out when we first heard the news, especially in times like this… We can’t offer much help as we are not allowed to cross visits or so, but hope for the best and keep each other posted everyday.

The other day, I didn’t do my homework before business French class. I took things for granted, like watching dramas, playing games, went out for dinner etc., everything but not the homework. I felt guilty, or rather bad for myself that I need to call for help in class (let’s just skip the details). Not sure if the competitive spirit in me hit me kinda bad, that I swear by myself I will never repeat the same mistake. I gonna do revision before classes, complete all the homework given and so for. I still find French is more difficult than Spanish, but oh well… I love challenges!

When we were getting kinda used to things (we do), we often forget the reasons why we begin… I challenge myself in signing up a new language, but I am not working hard for it. I am committed to few things (important) at a time, but I am not doing my best yet. I can do better, I thought. To be honest, I sometimes set quite high expectations for myself, so that I will continuously improve, become a better person. I often look up to those friends who have the same fighting spirit like me, though I also understand not all wants that kind of lifestyle. But still… I always admire those who are ambitious, never settle for less.

Oh well, I guess I just have to work on myself the most. Some of my friends are now already in managerial level whereas me who started career path later have so much more to work on. I didn’t feel sorry for myself but otherwise, as I have tried more fields than some! I believe everything happens for a reason, but I also trust that we choose our own destiny. How contradicting lol. It gonna be a new journey again in few days time, I just gonna learn as much as possible before I decide on anything just yet.

For the second half of the year, I would just be me and my goals! Wish me luck ✨

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