Kick start July with bunch of good news! And yes, I have been smiling a lot since day 1 of July hehe.

Finally, gotten both vaccine appointments. Have been spamming registration link for God knows how many times since March, as if I am snatching concert tickets online. I am little nervous mainly due to needle instead of possible side effects lol. Let’s see if I am fine tomorrow cause my appointment is scheduled later tonight.

Finally, gotten my salary increment. I told myself to be calm, not to have high hope or so, so that I won’t be upset just in case I didn’t get what I expect. But, it turned out to be better than what I thought especially in time of pandemic, in difficult times like this. For that, I am truly grateful.

Finally, my turn to bid farewell… soon. Counting down 5 more working days! Someone sends me flowers please haha! Few colleagues of mine just left continuously since 3 weeks ago. I am no longer feeling emotional, mainly I accept the fact that we are moving on for better places, better opportunities. Can’t wait to give out farewell gifts to my colleagues next week! I love giving out things, or buy people stuff, that’s why I love Christmas season so much. Choosing gifts, wrapping presents and writing messages!

Finally, got in contact with a friend from India whom I am very close with. A guy friend who reads my mind… I am not sure if he simply knows me well or pretty understand women haha! He has plenty of female cousins and all his siblings are girls too~ He gonna roll his eyeballs if he sees this haha! I ever called him a womanizer cause he is really popular among girls hmm. Though his advices can be brutally honest at times, but I guess that’s what one wishes for right- not being fluffed. Looking forward to meet him in person someday!

Finally! Finally! Finally! It’s the second half of the year, though it has not been smooth sailing since day 1 of 2021. I laughed a lot, cried a lot, and mostly grow a lot. I am a little proud of myself where I have been looking after my mental health since circuit breaker… It is very important I feel, and hope I could help others if I can…

Side track a little, my little brother just had his convocation online, graduated with honors. Very happy for him indeed, one more person to pamper me with all the good food etc. instead of me paying for his meals sometimes. He won’t be seeing my posts anyways. *evil grin* He has just gotten second interview from a listed company next week, let’s pray for him! You should see how happy were my parents few days ago! Even the youngest kid in da house is done with his tertiary education. Woohoo!

I gonna have one week break before start working again. Pretty excited cause I have planned plenty of activities for myself apart from studying, like staycation, volunteer work, Business French classes, blood donation (not sure if I still can after jabbing), change spectacles, clothes donation… Not to mention, I have 13 new books to read too. Let’s make this break a fruitful one! 🙂

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