New Home

You might or might not know, I have finally moved house after a decade. It was a contemplated decision. I was questioned many times, why do you move when you have such nice landlady? What make you feel that you need to move? Especially after 10 years? Many whys. It’s time for a change, a new environment, I guess.

I have been searching for new place couple of months, taking consideration of budget, environment, its accessibility to supermarkets, train station etc. One day, I came across this listing on property platform, fast fingers, I quickly contacted the property agent for room viewing appointment.

Fast forward to Friday, after having dinner with colleagues, we went to check out the house. It was clean and simple, 4 mins away from station, surrounded by coffee shops etc. This is it! I decided swiftly that my brother thought it is too soon to commit when I only went for one house visit.

I knew what I want, so I called the agent to place deposit and talk about terms. He was efficient, knowing I will be flying overseas the next day, he quickly settled our contracts. I informed my landlady about the move, it was bittersweet. I cried to sleep one day before I shifted. She has been taking care of me since my school days, when I started working, when I was sick etc.

I thank God for meeting such nice lady throughout the journey. I heard many unbelievable stories meeting crazy landlords or so. Just treat the place like your own home where you can drop by to visit anytime, she said. It was so heartwarming. I will be paying her a visit soon, prolly nearing mooncake festival. Can’t wait to see her!

This week marks my 3rd week living at new place. My new landlady is very nice and caring too. She cooked soup and rice for us the other day, accompanied me to Ikea for some furniture shopping, heated up my breakfast before she left for work etc. She is like an older sister to me, not to mention, she is also very thoughtful.

We are lucky to meet each other, we talked about this the other day. We are wanderlusters, so we sometimes share our past travel experiences in different countries. Oh, I have another housemate too. So far so good in adapting a new environment. I must say I quit some bad habits; adopt good practices living in this new place. It’s a good change!

Still counting my blessings. I will be back to working in office tomorrow. Completed 1 soft skill course this week. One more to go in early September. I am opting to go for a professional certificate since it helps in my career but still pending some confirmation from HR, we shall see. I feel courageous making such decision (the move). It was not easy, I swear. But I am glad all is good. 🙂

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