Capturing March Times

  • Scrumptious Español dinner with ex-team. Received congratulatory messages for promotion
  • Candlelight concert with roommate, Taylor Swift jamming
  • Had stinky tofu (craving fixed) after a workout. Can’t wait for Taiwan trip for more!
  • Went speakeasy with le gf after hectic work week (love their cocktails). Long lost shopping session thereafter
  • Van Gogh expedition with another gf. Italian dinner treat yay!
  • Bought shark bedroom slippers, too cute! So excited walking around in the house now
  • Bought few meaningful books to read, can’t wait to finish them
  • Invitation to ex-boss’ baby shower & her son’s birthday party
  • Completed a complex case after 3 months of account review, phew :3
  • Bought pop croissants for high tea! Rare moment I wish I was French aside being Italian (I mad love pasta OMG)
  • First Qing-Ming experience with family. It was a tradition our ancestor had that no woman is allowed until le grandpa passing.
  • Witnessed beautiful cloud sea in the morning
  • Invitation to ex colleague’s wedding banquet in Sept

Truly counting my blessings for having good health, stable job & a roof over head. A friend of same birthdate as myself, got laid off recently. Yup, she was part of the tech laid off. She was travelling Bangkok few weeks ago, having all the fun… Until, she broke the news on Linkedin few days ago. A close relative had high cancerous cell counts in his body, hence he has undergone a surgery to remove some parts of pancreas. Wishing him a good health & smooth recovery.

Having stable job is nothing less than having high income, having good health is nothing less than being wealthy. I am beyond thankful!

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