Busier Than Ever

Finally back to work after a short break. And yes, I am done and dusted with 1st module assignment. Self declared semester break, woohoo!! I am secretly planning for another staycation to reward myself already. 🙂

Apparently, quite a number of people know I will be transferring to new team in less than 2 months. I was not ready to share the news, not this fast. I didn’t expect it as I initially wanted to share the news maybe like less than 2 weeks before I leave. But oh well…

Nevertheless I have been receiving encouraging words from fellow colleagues and supervisors. Many of them are sad that I am leaving, but happy for my career prospect. Some offers to meet up for lunch (I will be stationing at new office); some even says keep in touch, stay safe and wish me all the best. I am touched to be honest, despite we might have disagreement at times due to different job functions, I am glad that all ends well. I make friends, and learn a lot.

Nowadays, I am busy conducting training whilst clearing few projects on hand. Doing some handovers, and prepping myself before joining new team! I have been staying overtime but I am thankful that my company allows us to take cab to and fro from office. I am able to rest in the car, power nap sometimes. No need to rush for work, worry about missing trains. I was rushing assignment after work hours earlier this week. Basically, my routine was just work, study and sleep this entire week. Nothing much but definitely energy draining.

Wanted to take few days leaves before stepping into new phase. But there are 3 more people leaving my current team soon, high turnover heh. I try to stay helpful by guiding my cover as much as possible. I once survived by myself before the person I took over left in 8 days. Learnt nothing much but those ignorant attitude from her. I don’t want her (my cover) to encounter the same event I had. It was so rough that I used to cried so much at home or work. To the extent, I wanted to quit my job so badly, even within probation. She has been struggling but I am glad that she asks a lot of questions, so that I am able to clarify or give comments if need.

Singapore Phase 2 lockdown is ending next week, and I seriously can’t wait for it! I miss dining in in those fancy restaurants, eating hot cooked food unlike takeaway food now, unless I cook at home. Cooking is fun but washing dishes is meh for me. I always hate doing dishes, that’s why I usually cook simple food. I don’t mind cooking crème de la crème dishes if someone offers to do the dishes, kidding!

Next week will be war again, but as usual, always hope for the best. Maybe I can read some books, get some meditation and have jujube tea break. And now, where should I stay for coming weekends heh….

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