Raindrops on Window Panes

A mini staycation of mine has finally come to an end. The weather was cooling and breezy that I have actually been snuggling under a blanket for the past few days. Occasionally, some hot tea session while doing revision. It was quiet, a moment I have been looking forward to spend a little me time away from home.

I looked out the window. The sky turned greyish-blue and large clouds began to gather. I heard raindrops were softly tapping on the windows. In my reflection, they were weaving with the wind. Passersby quickened their pace and umbrellas were opened as the clouds spat out mizzling rain. I grabbed my sweater and had some hot Jasmine tea to keep myself warm in the room.

The sound of the rain was so soothing that I gain so much inner peace. I have so much thoughts running through my mind, mostly reflecting and planning for second half of the year. Many people were cheering for me at the same time telling me that my next job scope will not be easy. Well, we always challenge ourselves to grow as a person, to take baby steps out of comfort zone, aren’t we?

People began to send wishes and congratulating me on LinkedIn after updating my latest posting. Toast for new beginnings! I have been keeping up to my promise by taking leaps of faith regardless in life, relationships or career even though I am not sure it is right or will succeed… Looking forward to more new adventures!

Just received a bad news today. A news that many might not know of yet… My uncle was being diagnosed with Covid, even after his first jab. He got it when he was trying to help an old lady who fell at home previously. He cried over the phone earlier despite being a man who is so tough in front of his children. I wasn’t shared with much information earlier today, but I will check and update again. He has been keeping this secret from his children (my cousins) as some of them are currently working overseas. He doesn’t want them to worry.

Will you want your loved ones to know if you got Covid-19? Is it selfish to keep it as a secret? Is it redundant to tell them by making them worry? What would you do?

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