Long Distance Friendships

Came across a question on school’s confession page where one posted:

“I’d like to ask if my life is normal. I have friends in school and work. During my school days or workdays, I talked with them, hanged out with them. But after I finish school, we don’t contact each other, not even once a month. Maybe a few times a year. I always feel that they are more friendly towards others than me by looking at how often they contact each other or their interactions online. Is a few times a year completely normal or do I have to give more time for my social life? How often do you contact with your friends and how are your feelings towards them?”

Having to live in Singapore for 10 years, that’s basically that many years I am having long distance with my best friends in home country. And still counting… I left for further studies after completing high school. We don’t chat often, but we definitely meet up whenever I return home. Endless conversation in coffee shop. We make it a point to travel at least once a year. We kept the promise until last year, when Covid-19 hit.

I never felt awkward despite only meeting them few times a year. We treasure the moment together. They insisted to do the driving (I sucks at driving), to plan gatherings (BBQ or steamboat sessions). I love how we never lost emotional connections since high school, but getting stronger, bond I mean. We are young and working hard for our career. See them doing well in studies, relationships or career, just motivate me not to fall behind too.

Earlier days, I got jealous or felt emotional whenever they were having fun with other friends, without me. I thought I might lose myself over their new friends. I was wrong. I was naïve. The truth is, their friends heard about me a lot, despite never see me in person. Of course, it’s about good stuff ! *laugh

We are still close despite being thousand miles away. We encourage each other during struggles, not to give up in achieving our dreams. Checking in one another occasionally, seeking for advices at times, and sharing good news all the time! To me, true friends are those who never left you behind when you are in bad shape, love you when you forget to love yourself.

I never stop missing them and I always look forward the next time meeting them. We have priorities in life. Not keeping touch regularly does not mean that they are not important to me. I hope every time they see me, I am a better person myself. I want to look well in front of them, make them proud to have me as their best friend. It has been 440 days since I last saw them, I really hope this pandemic gonna end soon, life to be back to normal, so I can travel back to catch up with what we have missed in a year. I can’t wait till the day when I can meet them in person again!

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