Dramatic Work Weeks

Hmm. Where do I start? My days with the new team were super dramatic. I was first being issued quarantine order (QO) on second day at work. Oh well, I still work since I am doing fine (being healthy). Working in a quarantine hotel is indeed quiet and peaceful. No babies crying or fighting as BGM, or women yelling at the kids when I am having meetings. Very much like a business trip to me since I was mostly working on something or chilling, watching movies after working hours.

And then, I was down for two days due to side affects of second vaccination. I felt weary and uncomfortable most of the time, but I am glad I am alright now. Still not able to drink alcohols, do sports or whatsoever. But I am definitely looking forward to my dance class tomorrow. Finally, stepped out of the house yesterday after 3 weeks staying at home or quarantine hotel. Feel so good to have some fresh air outside, see people running around, buying dinners in the restaurants. What a sight right, a sight I have not seen for 3 weeks already. Sure time flies like that.

About my work… It is kinda what I expected, something I have been longing to try out despite still lack of confidence in dealing with clients, prolly the approach now is different. I used to work as admin, sales and marketing etc. but not a fraud investigator like now. I work as KYC specialist, someone who analyzes customers’ profiles, transactions, so I really need to be careful when I ask questions, not to tip off a potential fraudster or criminal. Still a little tricky on how I need to phrase my emails sometimes. Hmm.

But, I am really happy with the decision I made this year- shift of career. Something I would love to pursue. Apparently, we are encouraged to take up relevant courses, most importantly they are sponsored! Sure it is a good news to us, at least to me! Professional papers are usually expensive apart from having commitment after working hours or over the weekends. Not to mention, I prolly spent like SGD 5K on my papers these two years, my wallet is bleeding. But these papers literally brought me to where I am now, my brother said I should be thankful and education is eternal. True enough.

Aside learning processes are steep, apparently we are also overflooded with workload. However, my team members have been very helpful in guiding me, attending to my queries, so it does make it slightly easier at work. Let’s just hope I am able to pick up quick and brave through storms. I have been telling myself to be open-minded, not to freak out due to the overwhelmed workload. Pace out myself, and work on each cases progressively. I am sure I will survive. Well, I used to work in events marketing last time with multiple projects running concurrently.

Can’t wait to see how much I have grown by end of the year. Hopefully I won’t be emo or so. 🙂

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