April Journal

Feeling well contented this April. It has been a fruitful one with plenty of takeaways, regardless in career etc.

  • First Qing Ming experience with family, annual prayer to the ancestors
  • Revisited Taiwan after 12 years, creating new memories
  • First baseball/ pitching experience, it was not easy!
  • Fed sheep in a farm, I was pretty scared in the first place
  • Unlocked new speakeasy with ex-colleagues
  • Had Michelin breakfast (miss it already!)
  • Tasted world’s best coffee, Simple Kaffa
  • Had first pig blood in my life (been there, done that)
  • Went Yiruma’s concert (regret not getting myself VIP)
  • Representing team to attend ACAMS APAC Conference (such an eyeopener!)
  • Started Business Mandarin for banking professionals course (hope it helps in my career)
  • Appointed as board of committee for Manchester University Alumni Association in Singapore
  • Attended Manchester Annual General Meeting, and got to know many seniors
  • Won a bottle of white wine in townhall, cheers to long weekends!

So many social activities in April, finally all has come to an end! Everything would be back to not-so-intense, I hope. To be honest, though I love going out to have fun, I gonna admit that I still need a lot of quiet time too.

Looking forward to prawning event coming Friday, and heading home end of the month!

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