It’s the Time of the Year Again

They said Christmas is all about celebration & gratitude, I couldn’t agree more! We work hard since beginning of the year, focus on what we want to achieve. And then, we gather before the year ends, to feel grateful for what we have, we reap & we gain. We sing, cheer, celebrate the moment with our precious ones and welcoming the new year with a big hug.

This year I cheered for those who survived Covid, made a leap of faith, concurred failure, fell but come back stronger… Kudos to that! Recently, I read this post saying people come for a reason, to give you a lesson, bring you laughter and create memories with you. No matter they were to stay in your future or not, just enjoy the moment! Few weeks ago, it was being announced that our team will be under reorganization scheme. So, my boss would no longer be my boss soon. I didn’t feel as sad as I thought cause I really did my part, I think. We organized team bonding and had fun, went for volunteer, embraced challenges and biting bullets together. They were my biggest takeaways this year!

I lost some friends this year, but that is okay. It means we are not fated or whatsoever. Or who knows we might see each other at another end of world some day. I wish them nothing but the best! Finally went home after 2 years country lockdown. I go home way more often, and longer! I thank God to have considerate bosses, colleagues and technology nowadays. I can totally nail my job with no disruption, even though I am overseas. I cooked for my parents, brought them to outskirt town for a day trip, got them to experience some Korean fried chicken culture and fancy cocktails. And more family gatherings and sleepovers. I guess that’s all that matters right.

Managed to travel overseas like finally. I think wanderlust run in my blood. I told myself to work hard, to be able to afford such dream, every year a new place at least! Travel from wineries to wineries, witnessing sunset, chill by the beaches, experienced business class, stargazing etc. Can’t wait for my upcoming travel soon! It’s a place where I visited 10 years ago! So excited for more bubble tea, stinky tofu, Alisan hiking and many more. Next year is a big year, to me! Let’s keep it low for now, so many things to achieve, so many exciting projects coming up. Though I am feeling weary recently as I have been going out to have fun, to reconnect. But oh well, next year I will be back as Chun Lee again (street fighter at work lol). With my new responsibilities & role next year, I will be busier but I think I can handle them better.

I guess that’s that. Needa rush off to run errands before Xmas party starts at night. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you (to those who are reading this!) Wishing you good health and wealth 🙂


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