November Journal

November has been crazy, but let’s take a moment to pen down:

Covid Nightmare

Was down with Covid after le Perth trip. Spammed myself with lozenges and coconut water. Thanks to friends and family who delivered food and medicine. My quarantine life was pretty much drama, eat, sleep, repeat. I gradually lost sense of taste and smell. I recovered 5 days after tested positive, but till date, my sense of taste and smell have yet back to par. Hopefully they are well before my birthday. One of my birthday wishes please!

Dinner & Dance (D&D)

Initially, we did not secure a table. No luck! Later, I was being asked to replace someone who gave up their seats last minute. I thought I couldn’t make it due to Covid-19, but nope! I recovered on D&D day! I was happy to see so many fellow colleagues/ ex colleagues (too bored at home) Missing all them free flow wine though…

Election #PRU15

Came home a week earlier for election. It was so touching hearing those stories where A has been fighting despite being put to jail, beaten up etc. His journey to become today’s Prime Minister is so inspiring. I nearly cried while shouting the slogan. We went for dinner celebration thereafter. Sincerely hope that our country will get better! Always proud to be a Malaysian.

Advanced Birthday Celebration

I won’t be home during le birthday month. So, my mom bought me a bag from Italy as advanced birthday gift. The other day, I got my first birthday cake too, it wasn’t intentional. Fast forward, I am flying back this weekends, I will definitely be missing le dad home cooked food, mom’s baby sitting (HAHA). Brother is not home this time round, can’t wait to annoy him when I am back to Singapore.

Precious Time

Visited my relatives. We stayed over and got to eat as if we are having reunion dinner. Not to mention, my parents too. I got to cook them soup etc. Occasionally wake up early to spend time eating breakfast with them. We make plan this Friday to travel outskirt after me complaining working so hard at home. Met up with a good friend of 14 years, knowing he is gonna propose to his gf next year, I am so happy for him!

Two days till December, le favorite month! I have outings, friends to meet, carnival to go, Disney orchestra I have been longing etc. I shall tame down and watch my diet since 2 more months till le BFF wedding & CNY. I want to look nice in every occasion.

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