Bullet Journal: Mid Year Review

What I’m Proud of:

  • Completing my reading goal (one book per month at least)
  • Successful internal transfer attempt
  • Gold award nomination (can’t wait for the results!)
  • Writing weekly journal consistently
  • Blood & monetary donation
  • Pursue advanced certificate in regulatory compliance

Favorite Memories:

  • Oyster Shucking workshop (with wine pairing)
  • Chinese New Year gathering (and red packets hehe)
  • Cha Cha lessons
  • Good Italian food (le favorite cuisine)
  • Staycation

Things I Can Improve:

  • Cutting down on social media
  • Less procrastination
  • Express more with words
  • Eat clean x more exercise hmm (I blame Foodpanda and lockdown, kidding!)
  • Go green, less plastics

Experience to look forward:

  • Axe throwing
  • Cruise vacation
  • Shift house (I always wanted a space where I can cook freely)
  • Rock Climbing/ wakeboarding (either is fine)

Few more days to June, I hope everyone is safe and well in the midst of pandemic. It’s tough but I am sure we can make it through.

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