Everything Happens for a Reason

Can I just say I aced the interview, hehe! Yup, I got the job. Everything happened in blink of an eye. I was preparing Q&A and rehearsing role play at home last weekends, and here I am, changing team in 2 months’ time. Well, everything I prepared was not really in use during the interview, it was more like pop quizzes, but I made it. I told myself, it’s a show hand. A go big or go home moment.

It’s all about “showing” what I learnt in 3 years working in the bank, “selling” myself during the interview. Had video call with both assistant vice president and senior vice president. It was a total different game as compared to the interview I had 3 years ago, but I got to answer all questions smoothly.

To be honest, I was quite shocked cause never had I thought I can perform well. I don’t think I am able to ace it if I have not had enough experience I would say. My new job actually requires me to have 3-4 years of relevant experience, and the advanced certificate I am studying right now actually serves much brownie point too! I brought up past experience as well as skills I have, to be able to excel in the job; some room of improvements where I am lacking. I am quite open in knowing my weaknesses and happy to work on them.

I will be on leave till next month, so I guess that’s why HR decided to have a quick call with me to check in if I have any concerns after hearing expectations from both VPs. Everything is within my expectations actually, I told her, given I have done some research beforehand. After HR interview yesterday, we are glad to proceed for this internal transfer application. What a good news before my Kit Kat break (I mean my study break) !

What I learnt in work places over the past 5 years is the main reason in molding me for who I am now. Having to work in events firm, I got to learn communication skills in writing emails, getting buy-in from bosses and so. Working in a bank, I learnt a lot of interpersonal skills, crisis management skills as well as presentation skills. I am able to liaise with executives, peers and cross teams at ease.

It’s about time to make a move, moving closer towards my dream. I feel so powerful honestly, knowing what I want to achieve. I have no fear I feel, like there’s nothing gonna stop me despite any challenges. I will never give up, and continue to press through if I failed this interview, I thought. True enough, my wish comes true.

Till date, I am not feeling that excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the outcome. I just don’t wanna get high hopes but taking baby steps to achieve what I want. I often get too excited or too upset when something happened, used to. It hurts so bad if I can’t get something I want; on the contrary, I will feel the ego in me when I get something I thought I deserve.

Nevertheless, cross out another item from my resolutions this year! Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

Ps. Congratulations to me !! No one knows about this news yet aside my family. So shush !!

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