February Little Moments

  • Lunar New Year luncheon with new team, received red packet from new boss
  • Lunar New Year dinner with fellow UOManchester alumni, lou-hei together
  • Managed to try a seafood restaurant I have been longing to
  • Received red packet from university friend
  • Le friend bought souvenirs from Taiwan, and asked me out for dinner
  • Recognitions from le boss on my past performance
  • Congratulatory messages from team & connections on promotion
  • Le friend sent me food and asked me out for dinner
  • Visitation to my ex-boss’ house, to see her baby too!
  • Le friend called to check in if I am okay, knowing I am coping with new job scope
  • Le friend sharing her wedding tentatively to be held in Dec, and that I have to go back to attend
  • Semporna travel initiative to ease my tension over work
  • Bought Taiwan flight ticket for April adventures
  • Bought Yiruma concert ticket (postponed 2 years, finally it’s here again)
  • Cousin’s wedding to be held in Oct
  • Cousins in UK coming back in June & October
  • Treat from colleague & boss for being promoted
  • Treating colleagues for being promoted (haha!)
  • A friend of 23 years registered for his marriage
  • Helpful colleagues to conquer challenges with me

February has been hectic, mainly still coping with new job scope. I knew it is a phase where everyone would need to go through. So exhausted in recent that I barely come home without working overtime. Didn’t get to meet up with friends or have fun outdoor, but spending time to rest most of the time instead. Being promoted meaning holding more responsibilities, expectations. Not to mention, I have changed team and supervisor. Initially, I wanted to take up some courses, but now I am unsure if I could give in 100% in learning, so I am still contemplating.

A lot of uncertainties (still ironing out the process etc.) I am coping, but I am doing better. A lot of things happened this month… But obviously they were great ones! Unsure of what’s coming in March, but I am looking forward to April already. My adventures, Yiruma concert, Van Gogh expedition & CAMS APAC Conference etc. Woooo! Guess having fun is the only way that can motivate me. But no problem, I can live with that! 🙂

Journal Prompts for 2023

  1. What are 10 great things that happened or that you accomplished in 2022?
  • Homebound for Chinese New Year, more family gatherings
  • Completed 3 ICA certificates with merit
  • Watching Fifa final with Argentina being the champion
  • Volunteer with kids, senior citizen & the team!
  • Co-hosted an event with 200++ participants
  • Finally travelling overseas. Looking forward for more this year!
  • Celebrating National Day by having picnic, watching fireworks
  • Being chosen as one of the social committee out of 300++ people
  • Omakase experience, business class experience
  • Shifted house. Met lovely landlady & housemate

2. What do you want to celebrate?

  • I am doing better than my old self. Mental health in check!

3. How do you want to approach 2023?

  • Slow down. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

4. What qualities do you want to cultivate?

  • Let things happen, trust the process, and enjoy the ride!

5. What bad habits do you want to leave in the past?

  • To quit assumptions

6. How will you commit to yourself?

  • To remember that no matter how hard it gets, I will continue to remain true to myself

7. Where will you pour your attention?

  • Career, education & relationships

8. What habits or practices nourish you?

  • Workouts, read books, writing & listening to music

9. What do you want more of in 2023?

  • To become someone who gives more

10. One small thing you do everyday to be yourself?

  • I will give my very best everyday

November Journal

November has been crazy, but let’s take a moment to pen down:

Covid Nightmare

Was down with Covid after le Perth trip. Spammed myself with lozenges and coconut water. Thanks to friends and family who delivered food and medicine. My quarantine life was pretty much drama, eat, sleep, repeat. I gradually lost sense of taste and smell. I recovered 5 days after tested positive, but till date, my sense of taste and smell have yet back to par. Hopefully they are well before my birthday. One of my birthday wishes please!

Dinner & Dance (D&D)

Initially, we did not secure a table. No luck! Later, I was being asked to replace someone who gave up their seats last minute. I thought I couldn’t make it due to Covid-19, but nope! I recovered on D&D day! I was happy to see so many fellow colleagues/ ex colleagues (too bored at home) Missing all them free flow wine though…

Election #PRU15

Came home a week earlier for election. It was so touching hearing those stories where A has been fighting despite being put to jail, beaten up etc. His journey to become today’s Prime Minister is so inspiring. I nearly cried while shouting the slogan. We went for dinner celebration thereafter. Sincerely hope that our country will get better! Always proud to be a Malaysian.

Advanced Birthday Celebration

I won’t be home during le birthday month. So, my mom bought me a bag from Italy as advanced birthday gift. The other day, I got my first birthday cake too, it wasn’t intentional. Fast forward, I am flying back this weekends, I will definitely be missing le dad home cooked food, mom’s baby sitting (HAHA). Brother is not home this time round, can’t wait to annoy him when I am back to Singapore.

Precious Time

Visited my relatives. We stayed over and got to eat as if we are having reunion dinner. Not to mention, my parents too. I got to cook them soup etc. Occasionally wake up early to spend time eating breakfast with them. We make plan this Friday to travel outskirt after me complaining working so hard at home. Met up with a good friend of 14 years, knowing he is gonna propose to his gf next year, I am so happy for him!

Two days till December, le favorite month! I have outings, friends to meet, carnival to go, Disney orchestra I have been longing etc. I shall tame down and watch my diet since 2 more months till le BFF wedding & CNY. I want to look nice in every occasion.

Celebrating September

September has been a fruitful one. Achieved multiple milestones (little), had plenty good news, long lost gatherings, I appreciate every chance I get, exposure I have, people I meet. Nowadays, I rarely spend time with people aside working hours. I truly enjoy every moment I have with myself. My emotions are no longer volatile as compared to how it used to be, nothing can really affect me (which I find it a bit scary).

Moments that worth celebrations:

  • Completed work curriculum less than a year
  • Went for volunteer with kids
  • Experienced kite flying at Marina Barrage
  • Hosted an event of 250++ pax and it was a huge success!
  • Experienced stand up paddle
  • Got my Australia visa
  • Bridesmaid duty for le cousin
  • Delicious WFH meals (self cooked!)
  • Kick started plan C
  • Got to celebrate mum & brother’s birthday (post Covid)

Not everyone is happy for what you achieved, not everyone’s there when you need help, so I don’t really share what I am doing nowadays as long as my resolutions are on track. Till date, I live on my motto of taking a leap of faith. I still challenge myself to step out of comfort zone.

This year, I tried outfits which are not my usual style. I became committee where I have no idea what are the duties. I handled cases that I never worked on before. I no longer feel anxious for what’s coming. When it comes, we will solve it! Like playing video games.

September is ending, October is coming. It’s last quarter of the year, I will continue to work hard and gonna do one last sprint before 2023 comes. I don’t want to take anything for granted, family, friends & myself. Hope you are too ! Cheerios~

The 5-Minute Journal #7

I am grateful for:

  • Loving family
  • Kind landlady & housemate
  • Helpful colleagues
  • Supportive bosses

Today’s affirmation:

  • Always choose kindness
  • You attract what you are
  • Good working environment > high salary
  • If someone had a positive impact on you, be thankful that your paths crossed
  • People come and go, and it’s okay

Amazing things happened recently:

  • One of my colleagues got pregnant! So happy for her!
  • Having big boss to back me up in one important meeting
  • Got recognized by boss on my effort and good work
  • Being invited to a wedding in Sentosa
  • Handmade food from le dad and landlady
  • Timeless Jar Workshop- aspired to become florist when I retire
  • Le brother got promoted and pay raise
  • Chosen to be part of coffee & tea session with senior management
  • First Omakase experience

I can sense September is gonna be a great month! I am darn looking forward to it ! 😀

New Home

You might or might not know, I have finally moved house after a decade. It was a contemplated decision. I was questioned many times, why do you move when you have such nice landlady? What make you feel that you need to move? Especially after 10 years? Many whys. It’s time for a change, a new environment, I guess.

I have been searching for new place couple of months, taking consideration of budget, environment, its accessibility to supermarkets, train station etc. One day, I came across this listing on property platform, fast fingers, I quickly contacted the property agent for room viewing appointment.

Fast forward to Friday, after having dinner with colleagues, we went to check out the house. It was clean and simple, 4 mins away from station, surrounded by coffee shops etc. This is it! I decided swiftly that my brother thought it is too soon to commit when I only went for one house visit.

I knew what I want, so I called the agent to place deposit and talk about terms. He was efficient, knowing I will be flying overseas the next day, he quickly settled our contracts. I informed my landlady about the move, it was bittersweet. I cried to sleep one day before I shifted. She has been taking care of me since my school days, when I started working, when I was sick etc.

I thank God for meeting such nice lady throughout the journey. I heard many unbelievable stories meeting crazy landlords or so. Just treat the place like your own home where you can drop by to visit anytime, she said. It was so heartwarming. I will be paying her a visit soon, prolly nearing mooncake festival. Can’t wait to see her!

This week marks my 3rd week living at new place. My new landlady is very nice and caring too. She cooked soup and rice for us the other day, accompanied me to Ikea for some furniture shopping, heated up my breakfast before she left for work etc. She is like an older sister to me, not to mention, she is also very thoughtful.

We are lucky to meet each other, we talked about this the other day. We are wanderlusters, so we sometimes share our past travel experiences in different countries. Oh, I have another housemate too. So far so good in adapting a new environment. I must say I quit some bad habits; adopt good practices living in this new place. It’s a good change!

Still counting my blessings. I will be back to working in office tomorrow. Completed 1 soft skill course this week. One more to go in early September. I am opting to go for a professional certificate since it helps in my career but still pending some confirmation from HR, we shall see. I feel courageous making such decision (the move). It was not easy, I swear. But I am glad all is good. 🙂

The 5-Minute Journal #6

I am grateful for:

  • Get to know a lot of alumni, expanding connection
  • CSR by doing beach clean up at East Coast Park
  • Arrived home safe despite raining cat and dog
  • Exploring new yoga postures, trainer is very encouraging
  • Landlady for feeding/ taking good care of me

Today’s affirmation:

  • Humans are limitless
  • It’s free to be kind
  • Things are meant to happen, so just live your moment
  • Spending me time a lot (at times) is fine

Amazing things happened today:

  • Being part of Alumni Association on Linkedin- looking forward for more events!
  • Eye opener to know many successful people- motivation to thrive better
  • Gain more strength in pursuing masters in my thirties
  • Decided to pursue a professional certificate next year

Love Or Bread

Recently, two women that I knew of, they chose to give in to end their long distance relationship (LDR). They quit their job/ gave up family business, taking a leap of faith to move to their partners’ cities. Unmarried. Was it a right decision? God knows. It took huge courage that’s for sure, letting go, to start from scratch again.

I would never do that, I told myself. You may say I am selfish or whatsoever, I don’t really care. We all have different priorities in life. Despite my parents do not rely much on me for living, I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of them, or at least not to financially burden them. Since young, I am taught to be independent, financially and mentally.

I was asked if I am okay to have LDR. To be honest, at my age now, I wouldn’t want to waste time for some indefinite LDR. It is either we work on common goals within timeline, otherwise I would prefer him to stay away. Even though I might like him a lot, but still, I wouldn’t want us to waste time without any plans.

Back to the topic, I guess in current era, to me, bread is more important than love. We once heard couples comprise of 50% him + 50% her. But in reality, it has always been 100% him + 100% her. I would want myself to be independent, at least I am able to support us. I view us as alliances where we contribute equally for better living.

I am not responsible for himself, neither is he. We are two independent individuals that work on us together on top of mutual love. Giving up source of income to rely on someone is last thing on my mind. Maybe it is mindset my mom cultivated since young. It is a sense of security. Nonetheless, I wish them all the best in chasing what they want in life.

Shall update their status few years later Idk. Meanwhile I thrive to live my life again, as if pushing a restart button like moving to new place, rebuild social circle, picking up new skills etc. Keep you posted, shall I?

So if it’s you, love or bread?

Mid Year Review: Bullet Journal

What I’m Proud of:

  • Work out constantly, have better skin
  • Completed 3 ICA certificates with merit, en route to complete curriculum
  • Being appointed social committee, representing team of 70++ people
  • Resume volunteer work after Covid restrictions eased
  • Able to juggle work, life, social circle & mental health better

Favorite Memories:

  • CNY Reunion (meeting family)
  • Singing Karaoke after 2 years (Covid sucks)
  • Went theme parks with le BFF
  • Had scrumptious lunch w principal
  • Bbq night at friend’s place

Things I Can Improve:

  • To work on investment planning
  • To complete reading all books I bought
  • Stop splurging for experience
  • Cutting down on social media

Experience to Look Forward:

  • Wedding of le cousin
  • Tea Blending /Timeless Jar workshop
  • Perth trip with BFFs
  • Moving in to new place
  • Visit popular speakeasy

Are You Happy?

He ever said so long she (me) is happy… But, are you? I wanted to ask.

Never had I thought I could be someone source of happiness. Came home a week to spend time with family. Mom said I am one blessed girl, having so many people to love me. My dad remembers everything I said. He grants my wishes regardless big or small. Knowing my homecoming, le mom changed bedsheet and curtains, decorated my room with flowers and sprayed scents air freshener. My brother fetches me whenever I want.

Uncles know I love herbal soup, seafood and Hakka delicacies, so I had a table full of Hakka cuisine, crab feast and big bowl of soup all by myself. Aunts cooked me food, and I never starved. Grandma still fills my bowl with loads of vegetables. Grandpa asked me to come home often. I am the eldest at home, I often take charge and make decisions. However among elder cousins, I am still one little girl. Little cousins are now all grown up, they drive me around and take care of me.

Having to live overseas almost a decade, home is where family is. I really treasure the moment being together. My love language is indeed quality time. Spending 9 days with them feel like a dream. Time sure files, I am leaving for work soon. When was the last time you see your parents? Have they have more wrinkles? Do they walk slower now? Their simplest joy is when they see smile on our faces.

These days, I got to teach them new things, introduced cocktails, explored good food places etc. Despite turning 28 this year, they still nag me for being forgetful, they still cook me dishes upon request, they still drive me around (cause I rarely drive) etc. Really glad that I am very close to my family, especially parents. Once, my friend asked: who are you closer to, mom or dad? Both, I said!

I literally told my mom everything, even though we are many miles apart. She never missed any events happened in my life, and she remembers better than I do. I am my dad’s favorite, he claimed. He only listened to me when my mom can’t even. Guess I just know how to push the right button aye? It applies the same to my little brother. Hehe. 🙂

Often we thought we are alone, especially living overseas. We never wanted to worry our families, but I always remind myself I have loving family to back me up whenever I need. My dad was saying he is very happy to see us well now, but his heart aches whenever he sees us spending money on them (buy things, eat-out etc.). It is unnecessary, he said.

I reassured, saying that you (and mom) are my motivation to work hard. When we were young, you worked hard to feed us, give us the best education. I want to do the same. I work hard so that I am able to provide you better, bring you to experience, to explore. He then relieved. Though money is not everything, but it indeed provides us more options.

It’s okay to feel helpless, it’s okay to cry (we are all humans), more importantly, you should know that there is always someone love you more than you ever know. Don’t need to feel guilty or sorry, do it now before you know. Call whoever you miss, tell them how you feel. Often we are afraid how another party will react, but that’s your assumption. Communicate, not just talk.

Hope you are happy in whatever you do. Feeling a little emo right now *packing my luggage but I am looking forward to come home in July again hehe. Ciao~