Everything Happens for a Reason

Can I just say I aced the interview, hehe! Yup, I got the job. Everything happened in blink of an eye. I was preparing Q&A and rehearsing role play at home last weekends, and here I am, changing team in 2 months’ time. Well, everything I prepared was not really in use during the interview, it was more like pop quizzes, but I made it. I told myself, it’s a show hand. A go big or go home moment.

It’s all about “showing” what I learnt in 3 years working in the bank, “selling” myself during the interview. Had video call with both assistant vice president and senior vice president. It was a total different game as compared to the interview I had 3 years ago, but I got to answer all questions smoothly.

To be honest, I was quite shocked cause never had I thought I can perform well. I don’t think I am able to ace it if I have not had enough experience I would say. My new job actually requires me to have 3-4 years of relevant experience, and the advanced certificate I am studying right now actually serves much brownie point too! I brought up past experience as well as skills I have, to be able to excel in the job; some room of improvements where I am lacking. I am quite open in knowing my weaknesses and happy to work on them.

I will be on leave till next month, so I guess that’s why HR decided to have a quick call with me to check in if I have any concerns after hearing expectations from both VPs. Everything is within my expectations actually, I told her, given I have done some research beforehand. After HR interview yesterday, we are glad to proceed for this internal transfer application. What a good news before my Kit Kat break (I mean my study break) !

What I learnt in work places over the past 5 years is the main reason in molding me for who I am now. Having to work in events firm, I got to learn communication skills in writing emails, getting buy-in from bosses and so. Working in a bank, I learnt a lot of interpersonal skills, crisis management skills as well as presentation skills. I am able to liaise with executives, peers and cross teams at ease.

It’s about time to make a move, moving closer towards my dream. I feel so powerful honestly, knowing what I want to achieve. I have no fear I feel, like there’s nothing gonna stop me despite any challenges. I will never give up, and continue to press through if I failed this interview, I thought. True enough, my wish comes true.

Till date, I am not feeling that excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the outcome. I just don’t wanna get high hopes but taking baby steps to achieve what I want. I often get too excited or too upset when something happened, used to. It hurts so bad if I can’t get something I want; on the contrary, I will feel the ego in me when I get something I thought I deserve.

Nevertheless, cross out another item from my resolutions this year! Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

Ps. Congratulations to me !! No one knows about this news yet aside my family. So shush !!

A Little Bit of This And That

Guess what?! I got an interview! I was so excited and kinda nervous at the same time. Well, I would say more joy than being anxious definitely. I feel like I am one step closer to my dream! 🙂

I was scrolling my mailbox the other day, and got this email notification an hour before I left for the day- saying I am scheduled for an interview next week ! I couldn’t believe it cause it came when I least expected it. It’s a long weekend this week due to Raya (Malay’s New Year). I am supposed to work on my assignment, ugh the 2500 words essay which I have long way to go. It’s the perfect timing to prepare my interview questions, I thought.

God knows best!

It has been a while since I did preparation for an interview. Did some research, relook at what I have done for the past few years, scribble and more scribble… I don’t wanna take things for granted, I am going big or going home, I told myself. Okay, let’s just say I am longing for this job opportunity for quite awhile, so I want to make it happen!

I penned down some Q&A, rehearsed them, and even asked my best friend for help! She was very helpful that she actually asked me to forward her my Q&A, so that she could give some comments. She reverted me close to 2am…. I did some changes right after I woke up today, before having breakfast, ha! Start rehearsing already…

I cooked over the weekends as Govt just announced a mini lockdown here in Singapore. No more dine-in, classes cancelled (my Cha Cha class 😦 ) etc. But oh well, since I am an introvert, just in time to finish few books that I bought earlier, I guess.

May is a busy month, I was busy helping my little brother with his job hunting. Asking around if there is any job opportunities, cause Covid-19 has been a bitch and many people out there have actually lost their jobs. I am grateful that I am still holding on (my job, a roof over head). Guided him to get some resume photoshoot, and tap on few job portals for more information. Whereas me, more on assignment and internal transfer preparation…

Anything worthwhile is never easy. Not to mention, I just rejected an offer from my ex team lead. He asked me if I would like to join his team again, grooming me to be his successor in office. He is one of the main reasons why I am working in banking sector. He is a daddy figure at work, used to, even though he is just 12 years older than myself. After much consideration, I turned it down. He respected my decision, understand I am working on my career goals too. I thanked him for taking me into consideration, and wish him all the best in finding suitable candidates.

Fast forward, it is coming to an end this week. I am so looking forward for the day I have my interview. I am no longer a newbie, all I need to do is to have faith in myself. I front executives in meetings and projects, I am prepared with those rehearsals. I know I can make it ! Let’s do this! Good luck, me! ✽